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Nate Bagley, LPC
Nate BagleyOften families or individuals seek therapy because they find themselves in a crisis or conflict in which they feel stuck. The topics and issues that people bring into therapy are often very personal and vulnerable. Because of this I am committed to upholding the privacy of my clients and treating both the children and adults who come through my door with respect, compassion, and truthfulness. Therapy can be used both to work through the immediate crisis and to make use of that crisis as a means and motivation to work towards personal, relational, and developmental growth.

Therapy with Children and Teens: I work with children struggling with such issues as depression, anxiety, grief and loss, abuse, divorce, anger, behavioral problems, problems relating to peers, developmental issues, and problems at school. Therapy with children and teens often involves a combination of individual work with the youth, family communication work, and work with the parents to give them the needed tools and to help them provide the support and boundaries their child needs to heal and grow.

Therapy with Adults: In my work with adults I specialize in working with both men and women coming in with past abuse or trauma, depression, and anxiety, and with men struggling with identity issues, reoccurring behavioral or character concerns, and difficulties in forming and maintaining healthy peer and intimate relationships.

Therapy with Couples: In working with couples, I do relationship/dating, premarital, and marital therapy, and am Prepare/Enrich certified. Couples therapy usually involves working with the couple to establish more open, caring, and respectful communication in which the ability of both members to have a voice and be understood is cultivated. I seek to work together with them to provide them with the practical tools and perspective they need in order to continue working towards safe, healthy, and growing relationships.  I encourage couples to make therapy something they do periodically, in order to create a habit of communicating well and dealing with difficult issues as soon as they surface.

Contact Nate at: (503) 545-5329

712 SE Hawthorne Blvd.  Suite 100
Portland, OR 9721

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