I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing at Bridge City Counseling Offices alongside a holistic team of counselors, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapist,  and psychiatric nurse practitioners, all of whom have committed to making some discounted fee slots available for clients who are unable to afford mental health services at there regular cost.  As a state of Oregon licensed therapist, I can accept most major insurances.  

Education and background: I hold a Masters of Arts in Counseling from Western Seminary with a specialization in child and adolescent therapy.  I have specialized training in play and art therapy, sexuality issues, and abuse treatment.  In addition to private practice, I manage Bridge City Counseling Offices.  Before opening Bridge City Counseling, I  worked at Morrison Child and Family Services in a sexual abuse treatment program; and practiced at Sunnyside Counseling Offices here in Portland.

Philosophy and Approach: I am committed to serving clients by working with them toward empowering them to move into greater personal growth, freedom, responsible living, and maturity. In this process, I will endeavor to understand them and their situation from their perspective, to serve as a mirror through which they can more accurately see themselves and the reality of their situation, and to serve as a catalyst to help them move toward desired and needed change. I believe that counseling consist of helping clients access, both in the therapy room and through real life relationships, the information, relationship, perspective, care, and tools that they need to do this healing.

I believe that every individual, regardless of age,  gender, orientation, background, or circumstance deserves to be treated, cared for and talked to with respect. I believe that every person has within themselves both a tendency to get stuck and and act in ways that hurt themselves and others, and an ability and potential to heal, grow, thrive, and love.

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