Kids Divorce Group

I offer twelve week kid’s divorce groups for ages 6-9 and 9-12 year olds.  Each group is co-led with a female therapist and focuses on helping kids cope with change and transition, learning healthy ways to express anger and loss, and equipping parents to minimize the effects of divorce on their children and to assist their children in healthy growth and development during this difficult time.   Groups are offered in the fall and spring and must be pre-registered for.  These are small groups containing only 6-8 children each.

Time: Fall group for 7-10 year olds will be held Mondays from 5:45-7:15pm beginning in mid October. Contact me for more information and a free consultation and screening.

Price: Most major health insurances accepted. Discounted fee of $50 per session for private pay clients. 1-2 sliding fee slots available per group.

This group utilizes art, play, group process, storytelling, game play, and education to help kids with divorced or separated parents to:

Become more aware of and able to communicate the feelings they are having.

Learn ways to express anger that are safe and don’t get them in trouble.

– Have a neutral comfortable place to talk about what their parents separation has been like for them.

– Build trust and get support from other children of divorced parents.

– Learn that they are normal, Ok, and can have amazing futures ahead of them.

– Learn skills to handle the changes and transitions that they are experiencing.

Begin gaining understanding of their new family structure.

The group also involves parent education, coaching, and resources to help further equip parent to ensure that all of their child’s needs are met during this time of transition.

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